Save Cofton Park from becoming a refuse tip

As you may be aware, the council will be closing the Lifford Lane refuse depot next year for redevelopment. This will mean the council will be looking for alternative sites as a refuse site for our constituency.

I have written to the Birmingham City Council and the Cabinet Member responsible, Cllr Majid Mahmood, suggesting that the Council works with the neighbouring Worcestershire and uses the household recycling tip in nearby Romsley as an alternative while Lifford Lane is shut. We have also requested that the Council increase the number of mobile household recycling unit visits to our area to help ensure our area is kept clean and tidy while this redevelopment is taking place.

Sadly, the Cabinet Member Majid Mahmood stated that the Council will be “looking at all options,” failing to rule out Cofton Park/Nursery as a refuse site.

I also highlighted the issues this may cause to local residents, such as the noise around a highly residential area, as well as risks of queues and traffic which were seen around the existing Lifford Lane site.

Therefore, we ask that you sign our petition, demanding the council rule out Cofton Park/Nursery as a potential refuse site.

Save Cofton Park from being a refuse tip

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