Scrap the Bristol Road South Bus Lane

The Birmingham Labour Controlled Council's latest crazy idea is a bus lane down the Bristol Road South between Selly Oak and Northfield. You can help stop it by signing our petition today.


The Council have done this using powers meant for tackling Covid-19, so as to avoid the proper public consultation.


Many local residents are rightly frustrated and angry at this, as am I. If you are too, sign our petition demanding it is scrapped today.


Similar schemes in other parts of the city have resulted in more traffic, more congestion and more air pollution. We do not want that here in Northfield.


At a time when more people are driving due to Covid-19, social distancing, it just makes the idea even crazier.


Join other local residents in demanding that it is scrapped immediately. 


Together we can make sure the City Council hears Northfield’s voice on Labour’s plans to increase congestion and pollution in our area.

Scrap the Bristol Road South Bus Lane Petition

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We the undersigned call on Birmingham City Council to immediately scrap the bus lane along the A38 from Selly Oak to Northfield. The bus lane will worsen traffic and increase pollution along the A38. This is totally unacceptable and Northfield residents deserve much more from the Council.

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